Black star, white ceiling: Why can’t Lupita Nyong’o find a role worthy of her?



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An Academy Award can mean many things, but it’s never the solution to a problem. That reminder landed brutally in late April, when Lupita Nyong’o, the actress whose Oscar for 12 Years a Slave was the Cinderella story of this year’s ceremony, entered final talks for her first major post-prize gig. She’ll be playing the mother wolf in a remake of The Jungle Book.

You read that right. Hollywood is handed a beautiful, talented, Yale School of Drama-trained actress of color, and what does it come up with? Well, let’s see…she could be an animal. In the Third World.

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eBay Sellers Beware!!!

I recently sold an iPad mini on eBay.  I’ve sold things before like my old iPod touch and a few other things.  My mini went for a good amount of money and I was excited.  As a young woman always trying to make ends meet I was proud of myself for being so resourceful and independent.  However, the excitement wore off…

About a full week after the buyer received my item, it (I’m referring to them as it because this person doesn’t really deserve my referring to them as a person at all)  claimed they received the item completely smashed to pieces.

‘What!?!’ went through my mind, but after the shock wore off I began to wonder why? 1. The packaging was undamaged. Completely. Intact.  2. It took it a week to let me know it was damaged. 3. I packaged that iPad so well I could have mailed a baby and it would have gotten there safely. 4. I trust no one.

If you don’t know eBay has a great protection set-up for buyers…and close to NONE for sellers.  I, being the painfully honest thing that I am, even when, as a buyer, I received an item not exactly up to snuff have not used the buyer protection because I wanted to make sure I respected it and used it only when something outrageous and seriously fraudulent happened to me.  So it NEVER occurred to me that anyone would ever take advantage of buyer protection.  Yet, this thing did.

So now this hardworking girl is S.O.L and just lost a whopping wad of cash and her property was willfully damaged by an evil thing.  I will not post this evil thing’s name or address. But I do think eBay sellers should have access to a database of usernames collected to be wary of.

So I am going to start one.  Seriously.  If you are an eBay seller contact me.  I want to work with you guys who are honest sellers.  Together I want us to start this database other sellers can reference to help protect themselves.  Or if you already know of such posting let me know so I can add this slore’s username to it.

Thank You


There is a place where bad buyers are listed!!! Woot! It’s HERE! Also the username of the bad buyer that scammed me is nancyleegnecco.  Beware!!!

Thinking Tuesday

I think a lot.  Unfortunately, this is not something I enjoy all the time.  My mind is nearly it’s own person, going on when I wish it would not.  Today, however, it’s okay.

I know that Science and Religion have a history of not getting along, but I was wondering why? Then I wondered, if they do get along just fine, and if it is US with the problem.  I think it is us.  First off, I thought about something I heard along the lines of “Separation is one of the biggest Illusions.” For example the idea of race, which separates humanity into groups based on color of skin, when in reality we really are just one species.  Then earlier today I came across Richard Dawkins’ website.  He is an Atheist, who is a proponent for rational thinking, human rights, and is against religious fundamentalism.

Then I thought about myself.  I am a human, humans are not rational unless we strive to be. I love science.  I love God.  I am for human rights, and against oppression and irrational thinking.

The reason I love God is personal.  I know that I cannot run a test to prove God’s existence.  I wish I could.  My life’s testimony is weird.  I think If I were to share why I believe in God so strongly both sides of the religious v. non-religious debate would think I was nuts.  Basically very specific things have happened to me that neither side can explain.  As a scientist (molecular biologist) I wrote these events down when they happened, as they happened. I am not proud of these events nor pleased they happened. Even my being insane doesn’t explain them away.  But their happening is part of what supports my faith.

I think God is really big.  I think the more we learn more about our world doesn’t negate the existence of God, but forces us to see God on grander more powerful scale.  Honestly, I think each side has it wrong.  I think Religious Traditionalists try too hard to make everything fit what they think God is and should be, not realizing that God is not confined by the little we know of Him.  I think Atheists have it wrong, wrong and boring, and the Atheists who push not-believing are just as horrid as Christians who push a certain way of believing.

I just think we’re all wrong.  So wrong. Still I think it’s very simple, but I don’t think the majority of people will ever get it.  Limits.  We just need to stop setting limits around God and around the truth of what is and can be.  But that is hard.  It’s hard to see everything as working together and being meant, because it’s too perfect.  I’m being serious. It’s too perfect and that is scary.  It’s scary to me at least.

For me, I have Faith period.  I don’t see the point in not having it, and it doesn’t restrict me from being rational when I try to be, nor does it mean that I am crazy, nor does it require me to dismiss anything scientific. For me my love for science started with God.  I think if I wasn’t a Christian I wouldn’t have delved into studying biology they way I did, I think I would have just stuck with dance or something more artistic. The more I learn the more I marvel, and the more I find myself thinking about God.  I dunno.  I know my words here don’t reflect all that I’ve been thinking today and recently, and they don’t sound very intelligent. I’m rambling.  Everything inside me is just going so fast and I’ve been so distressed lately it’s hard to put everything I feel and think down so that it makes any sense to anyone.

I don’t think the debate will ever end though.  I think it may change over time but in essence never end, not until everything is revealed.  Which is all I’m counting on.

Hipsters in Headdresses

Image Tutorial

I like to make things.  I like to make things that people used to make themselves historically to 1. See if I can. 2. Because I want to add my own touches. or 3. Because I enjoy beautiful significant things.

I wanted to make a headdress with feathers.  While looking online to see how, I ran across posts saying why I shouldn’t and others on why I can.  I read arguments of cultural appropriation and creative freedom.

Here is a site: My Culture is Not a Trend.  I found it interesting this person speaks out against cultural appropriation, but he/she wrote “Sometimes dealing with all of this can be so frustrating, it makes me feel like Sisyphus”  Sisyphus is from Greek Mythology.  They also write “Just because it’s popular, doesn’t make it right, and to me, it is just as offensive as blackface.”

Interesting, no? Here we are, at the line.  THE LINE.  What is Cultural Appropriation? Where does it start and end? From the beginning of time humans have borrowed from each others’ cultures for our religious practice, our art, our politics, and more.  Today we have hipsters in headdresses for whatever their individual reasons; and we have people opposed to it.  Back to the website I quoted above.  This person opposes the wearing of the headdress/warbonnet by so-called hipsters.  Yet, in this opposition they site two cultures I’m assuming are not their own.  Let’s talk about the Blackface quote.  I’ll re-write it here. “Just because it’s popular, doesn’t make it right, and to me, it is just as offensive as blackface.”  But the author of the site is Native American, how do you know how offensive blackface is to a black person?  You’re appropriating the assumed feelings of another culture.  Most people know my feelings about race.  I don’t ascribe myself to one, but those who like boxes call me black.  If I saw a person in blackface, I dunno how offended I’d be really.  I’m not the color black.  I’m tan.  What about Obama masks? It’s not facepaint, but if you’re not black underneath it then is the mask blackface? Overall, I just think it’s stupid.  If you want to look stupid and paint your face a color and act like a stereotype and publicly display your individual ignorance, then why should I be offended? I’m not stupid, you are.  I just hope you don’t have children.  So here I am a black person who may not be offended by blackface.  I’m more offended that the author of this site assumes I am; assumes I can’t see beyond a person in face paint, and assumes they can appropriate my response to blackface as their own towards feather headdresses.

The author compares his/herself to Sisyphus.  A Greek figure.  So when, where and how can we pick from other cultures or races to express ourselves?  That is my question.  If you’re a fashion designer and combine the beauty of a Sioux warbonnet with the intricacies of African Maasai beading is that wrong? What if your line is based on a story in your mind of a young girl born of her African mother and Sioux Indian father and how she dresses to face the world? Must you limit your imagination and creativity to avoid appropriation?  Is there anything on the Earth that has not been appropriated?

Is it okay for a writer to appropriate the reactions and feelings of a group of people towards a practice that in the past was commonly used to mock them?

What about renaissance fair? Is Renaissance Fair, and dressing like a English Lady bad too? I’m serious. Or is European Culture not considered culture, or sacred enough not to appropriate?  What about wearing a cross a shirt?  Should I be mad because I’m a Christian if other people do it?

Can I wear a Kimono robe? They’re comfortable.  Is it wrong to see the advantages in a certain culture’s way of life, dress, or rituals and then utilize them? Or should you just sit still and not ruffle anyone’s feathers, because they had it first.

I think the line is fine and thin.  I liked what I read on one site, Native Appropriations.   “Ask yourself: if you ran into a Native person, would you feel embarrassed or feel the need to justify yourself?”

To that question I add this.  As the world becomes larger and more connected, lines between races dissolve, and cultures interact some people will rush to preserving the separation between cultures and others will find that it is now time for the individual to create their own culture in the midst of chaos and evolution.

Knowing how and where cultures evolved from should be remembered, taught, and understood, however, people should have the freedom to create and determine what is sacred for themselves, a micro-culture.  Like I stated before I don’t use racial terms to define myself.  It’s nearly impossible.  My great-grandmother is a Native American, I have a Creole grandfather, and a cousin with blue eyes and blond hair.  Can I wear a headdress? I have had to courageously war through many trials in my life, and I could easily designate a feather for each of them.  I have learned hard that those who create life for themselves are the new natives. We face and inhabit untouched grounds everyday.

I acknowledge there are those who wear or use things in ignorance.  Still there are those who instill and revive meaning in what they chose to wear and utilize in their lives; and with the ever changing landscape of the world spirit, we have to evolve in mind and accept things from other cultures into our own as well as lend things from our own to others.  That way we can educate the new users, and our cultures and traditions live on, respected, in the future.

Virgins are Sluts Too!

At least that’s what Rush Limbaugh thinks.

In from 2007-2009 a virgin at the University of Illinois was on a contraceptive called Lybrel which allowed her to have no period during that time in order to prevent any more cysts from forming on her ovaries…

That virgin was me. However I must have been a prostitute since my pills were paid for by my family’s insurance. Apparently according to Limbaugh I must also make and give my family the sex tapes I owe them for being covered under the insurance my mother pays for.

I think Limbaugh is a joke. If any one is a slut it’s him. Let’s ask how many women he’s been with. Let’s ask what are his medical credentials that allow him to blanket all women who take contraceptives as sluts. So according to Dr. Limbaugh if you have ovaries, are in danger of ovarian cancer or scar tissue, waited until marriage to have sex but aren’t ready for children or don’t want more, have a hormone imbalance, or precocious puberty and take a contraceptive to aid your healing…you are a slut and would like to be paid by your public or private insurance to have sex.

Let he who is without sin cast the first stone…Limbaugh you must be the second coming… (rolls eyes)

I like this comment by Santorum “He’s being absurd. But that’s, you know, an entertainer can be absurd.”

Exactly, Limbaugh is less legitimate than Justin Biber would be as a voice for or on any political group or issue. In fact I’d put more stock in anything Biber would say on any issue than Limbaugh.

Limbaugh is more of a character than Steven Colbert and I believe he also has less influence on American minds, especially younger intelligent minds. If anything Limbaugh’s outrageous comment is proof that he’s aware of his dimming influence and legitimacy. Americans and especially the GOP should just nod and smile whenever he speaks and not hear a word. Treating him like the ranting old man who’s nonsensical words add up to nothing down the street. Pull financial support from him and soon he’ll be either dead or in a home far from our ears.

Say it Ain’t Science!

This morning I woke up thinking about how I love the word “insolence” but I hate the Guerlain parfume of the same name.  Why? BECAUSE IT’S STUPID! No really it is…insolence is basically rudeness…why would I want to smell like rudeness!?! So anyway I started googling why Guerlain did this terrible thing to humanity, because maybe they had a legitimate reason, and I found out there’s a blog called Respectful Insolence (oxymoron if there ever was…) where this guy talks about actress Mayim Bialik who was Blossom and is now on the Big Bang Theory.  Bialik who holds a PhD in neuroscience has some…shall we say alternative…ways to living and raising her children.  All of which I don’t care about.  What I did care about was this term the writer of this blog kept using, “Woo” and how he referred to some of Bialik’s beliefs as woo, and also how he essentially called Bialik ignorant of areas of science outside neuroscience because she failed to realize there’s no controversy among scientists about the safety of vaccines…

“Oh really?” Said my brain…I’m pretty sure we read something about vaccines and about how pain is experienced in the brain, me, and a whole lotta other scientific stuff that we can write about and stick to this Insolent Scientist dude…

yeah uh…me and my brain have talks…this was actually our second discussion before 8 am.

You can read the original blog post of this dude here:

So I commented on the blog, and here’s what I said:

Ok, so I’m new to this term “woo” I studied Molecular Bio in college, but woo isn’t something I’m familiar with, the term that is, but I deducted what it refers to. Anyway, if it’s what I think it is I hate woo…

However, I also hate when people get smacked on. Now I don’t agree with Ms. Bialik’s style of child rearing, It’s scary, but I do think some comments and assumptions of the blog author’s were a bunch of smack.

First one:

“So, ladies, suffer! It’s “natural.” And, remember, just like The Secret, wishing makes it so! Or, if all else fails, use homeopathy. You’ll get the same results.”

I have to say it’s not a good thing that our western culture is more prescriptive than preventative. Pain is not always a bad thing or neccessarily suffering, and introducing foreign chemicals into your system should not be the first choice if pain is something that can be tolerated. I dunno I’m still young, and learning but I just try and limit what meds I put in my body, not woo, just realizing that my body is a complex biochemical machine and what ever substance I put in it interacts with the substances that are naturally there in ways I’m only beginning to understand. So if I was to give birth, ouch, I would opt for natural…UNLESS something serious is going on (and that’s where medicine should come in when there’s a problem, and pain is not a problem for everyone. I can handle pain), if not I don’t mind being in pain as long as that pain isn’t indicating something more serious than the fact my vagina is being ripped from the size of a dime hole to the size of watermelon one…like I said I can HANDLE pain. Some women can’t. So for them the pain is a problem and should be addressed however they want, it’s not woo, just preference.

Also her words “and the greatest power of all: the power of my mind to force out the notion that pain with purpose – labor — is something to fear.”

That’s totes (short for totally) NOT the secret, nor is it wishing the pain away. I mean come on…seriously!?! Have you NEVER psyched yourself out before embarking on something??? Oh yeah getting pumped before a big game if you’re an athlete, or calming yourself prior to a stage performance if you’re an actor, or listening to gangster rap before an olympic swim meet if you’re Michael Phelps…that’s sooo wishing the pain away. NOPE that’s getting ready to conqure whatever you’re up against. It hurts to swim fast, climb tall rocks, forget a line on stage, and to get tackled on the field, but if you fear those things you’re gonna be so scared you’re just gonna fumble and suck it up anyway cause your body’s all pumped with adrenaline and you’re all shaking and crap. DUH. Sorry if I’m not more eloquent for you, but getting your head in the game goes across all boards…even childbirth, it is not woo, it’s what people do. HECK, I’m only 21*  and I’m psyching myself out for that painful day I have kids now…why? Cause I know that’s how much its gonna suck, and it’s gonna suck more if my head’s not ready. Plus doctor’s don’t always give you pain meds even if you BEG for them during labor. Why? Epidurals numb the crap outta your lower body…then you can’t push, I was in the room with a friend when she got told that…real talk. She had to grin and bear it. In fact I might stab myself in a few minutes to build up a tolerance to pain and do it every so often to prepare for giving birth…kidding…sorta.

On to the next one…

“No, actually, there isn’t. At least, there isn’t a scientific controversy about vaccines. Unfortunately, even with her PhD in neuroscience, Mayim Bialik is apparently incapable of of figuring that out.”

Whoa…did I miss something. I am only a kid in college. But didn’t vaccines given to infants born during 1989-2001 have mercury in them? Isn’t mercury bad? If not, then why they take it out in ’01? And if it isn’t a controversy…shouldn’t it be? Oh yeah, and I’m not gonna lie, I was FREAKED out when I got my flu-shot this year when I had to consent to being given a vaccine that has contains mercury or traces of it. Honestly I don’t know why I got it, cause I was freaked…but my mom (And obviously we can’t listen to those…what was I thinking?) made me…’rents pay the bills.

WAIT, what about Helen Ratajczak’s article in the Journal of Immunotoxicology, “Theoretical aspects of autism: Causes–A review.” CBS news in May 2011 reported: “Ratajczak did what nobody else apparently has bothered to do: she reviewed the body of published science since autism was first described in 1943. Not just one theory suggested by research such as the role of MMR shots, or the mercury preservative thimerosal; but all of them.” (including the fact that vaccines contain human DNA)

So I guess that’s not science…that’s woo…and you’re right it’s not controversy if no one else bothers to look at anything as extensively as Ratajczak has; and everyone knows when you’re extensively researching something alone, you’re just a crazy person WOOing yourself in a mirror…see what I did there.

BUT wait…you have to read the whole CBS news article…omg…its like this Ratajczak is arguing with this guy from some college called the Universtiy of Pennslyvania, Dr. Strom who served with the Institute of Medicine. He like totally knew about the mercury in vaccines but like totes didn’t know about the human DNA that’s put in vaccines…so yeah like he tried to like dismiss Ms. Ratajczak’s work…but like then he was like “Oh…DNA…yeah I didn’t know about the DNA” Then when CBS news asked the CDC to comment on disproving the links between Autism and vaccines the CDC was all like “comprehensive review by CDC…would take quite a bit of time.” so I was like “ooooooh snap! Controversy!” But what’s drama to me is not drama to everyone else…I mean I got hyped up when NOVA called out the History Channel.

So that’s all that bothered me…otherwise…I don’t really care about this Neuroscientist actress or that the way she raises her kids is a bit odd…except that I’m totes jeals (totally jealous) that she’s on TV.

*btw I am 21 somewhere inside…my life…deep down…ok whatever I lie about my age always, next week I’ll be 13…then later 108 give a girl a break. Point is I look ageless so I can be however old I want!

Had a bad day…

So remember yesterday I posted I was gonna write about living with adhd?

Well let’s call today day one. I woke up got dressed and headed to my car  for work. My car didn’t start. But no panic. I was a little early so I decided to get a jump and be on my merry way. No! So then I panicked. I am, as I wait for my ride, currently panicking.

I thought my new job was a Godsend. But then a series of unfortunate events have occurred keeping me from my job. Not to mention, my new job schedule is not compatible with my current weekend only job. So I’ve been stressed and hard pressed to fit the two together. But seeing as it’s mandatory to work weekends at this new job Somethings gotta give.

I dunno just having a hard time adjusting I guess. A hard unlucky time…

Not sure how this fits in with my symptoms at all, but as an ADHD-er adjusting and hitting the ground running is not my strong point…


Hey all!

I’ve had my blog for a good while now and I realize it’s a bit unfocused. I’ve been thinking of choosing a topic to focus on…but nothing has held my attention.
That’s when I realized, I think my blog can continue on in it’s varied vein while maintaining a focus. ADD or ADHD. It’s a condition I’ve struggled with my whole life. Only recently though have I been dedicated to actively addressing and overcoming my symptoms. So yeah, I plan on chronicling my reactions and opinions on pop culture, but also how my mind, an adhd mind, goes about absorbing the world around me. The trials and difficulties as well.

On a lighter note I posted my audition video for the Glee Project online! Check it out and like my video! Please and thank you!

Things I Wish My Boyfriend Knew/Did


Things I wish my BF knew, I found a list online that I totes agreed with & thought I’d share. I added a bit to it so here’s the link to the original

Before I begin this list, I want to express that I love my boyfriend with all my heart. This list is not designed to criticize him, but to help out other boys who may come across it.

I Don’t LOVE wearing makeup or doing my hair all the time. It’s hard. I have thick hard to work with hair. I understand that you prefer that do it into some amazing glossy veil. But I don’t wear it to impress you and I’m not white so it’s hard darn it!

If I look particularly nice on any given day, tell me. Chances are, if you notice a positive change in my appearance, I worked harder than usual to look good and will appreciate the recognition. And if I didn’t go out of my way to look good, the compliment will mean that much more.

Show me off to your friends. I want you to be proud of me and nothing means quite as much as knowing that you’ll break your tough guy facade in front of your friends to kiss me or brag about how utterly awesome I am. Also not meeting your friends feels like crap. Like you’re ashamed of me or something.

Include me! It sucks to hear about all the plans you’ve made with your friends, especially when they’re girls, and you never invite me along. Yeah I know we have separate social spheres, but I’d at least like to pass through yours occasionally. I invite you out with my crew whenever it’s reasonable, but you don’t and it’s turning into a red flag.

Text me for no particular reason. I’m not asking you to flood my inbox with meaningless “Hi”s or “What’s up?”s. But, on occasion, an unprovoked message asking how my day’s going will earn you major boyfriend points.

If you notice that I’m becoming irritated with what you’re doing, stop doing it. This seems like a given, but I cannot count the times that my boyfriend has continuously ignored my requests to stop poking me until I finally flipped out. I understand that you have an inner seven year old that you have trouble surpressing sometiems, but if I tell you to stop poking me and you continue to do so, you lose your privilege to call me unreasonable when I then give you the silent treatment. So when I say stop, STOP!

I don’t like PDA. It doesn’t mean I don’t love kissing you. I get irritated when people are making out in the middle of a store or on a crowded bus or at a park. So I won’t do it either. It makes me uncomfortable so please don’t act hurt when I pull away. But the random times I do do it you better not pull away…

Be a tiny bit jealous. If you notice another guy checking me out or if you think someone’s flirting with me, make mention of it later on. I’m not saying to cause a scene or be possessive, but I like to know that you notice things like that.

Dance with me. If we’re at a function (i.e. a wedding) and everyone’s up dancing, ask me to dance. I don’t care if you’re a terrible dancer. When guys refuse to dance, they seem insecure and it reminds me of awkward middle school dances where all the boys stood against one wall and the girls stood against the other. I promise no one else will even notice but it will mean a whole lot to me.

Take me out!! I really want a guy to take me on an adventure! Something random & surprising! Even if it’s just a random night in Naperville, I don’t care, I want someone who can have fun on a whim, even if we just go for a walk and act goofy. Go with the flow! Not everything is planned. And sometimes I want to just be spontaneous and do a random awesome thing. Just do it!

Ask me for help with something I’m good at. Men love feeling useful, but they oftentimes don’t realize that women love it too. I like to think of myself as a fairly intelligent person, so if you ask me the capital of Finland or how to spell “Antidisestablishmentarianism” it will give me the same gratification you get when you get to fix my car or kill the big, bad spider in my bathroom.

Take the reins. I know that I love being in charge and I appreciate that you recognize that by giving me full control of our social calendar. But once in awhile, I would love to be able hand over the power to you and have you know what to do with it.

My histrionic tendencies do mean something. Sometimes, I feel a little neglected. It’s not your fault. But I do expect you to fix it. If I seem a little whiny or I milk a minor headache for all it’s worth, I want you to cater to me and spoil me a bit. I don’t do this often and I don’t expect to be taken care of all the time, so it will mean more if you notice when I’m cying out for extra attention.

Open your mind. Example I like all music, you only like top 40 and dance music. Just cuz something is different doesn’t mean it sucks, give everything a chance or you get boring fast, and I will dump boring.

I want you to support me. I understand that I’m a dreamer and not a doer sometimes. I’ve been that way my whole life. So when I claim that I’m going to go back to school/going to workout/get a new job/starting a business don’t roll your eyes or tell me that I won’t. I’m nearly all talk but that talk helps me deal with the bad situations I’m in. You know I’m probably not going to do it, I know that I’m probably not going to do it, but telling me so will just turn my annoyance from my crappy job to you.

Get excited about things I’m interested in or share with you. Ok I know you’re not gonna jump up and down about the new Dolce & Gabbana line or the season finale of Project Runway, but when I tell you that the awesome band a guy from my French class is in is finally playing at The Mid downtown at least feign interest.

Putting yourself down is not attractive. It makes you very un-sexy when you do it. I don’t care if you’re balding or not, getting fat, or if you’re shrinking. Stop putting yourself down it ruins everything! If it’s something you can change, change it. If you can’t or won’t then shut up and let’s keep having fun! I know I call myself fat sometimes and complain about my hair, but I’m doing it because I’m female and I’m conditioned to believe that if I don’t look like Megan Fox, I’m ugly. I’ve been dealing with these insecurities all my life and rarely voice them so just ignore me if I do (never agree with me). I think of this as a very feminine practice, so when you do it, it’s not a good thing. I understand that you have flaws and I promise that I very rarely, if ever, notice them. So the only way to make me aware of anything that’s wrong with you is to call attention to it.

Call me old fashioned; I expect you to offer to pay for me sometimes. I’m aware that this is the 21st century and that women can be CEO of major companies and run for president. But I can’t help it. Usually,I’ll pay for myself anyway, but the offer makes you seem chivalrous. But when you whine and ask me to buy you things it’s a turn off. And it makes me feel like your mom, not your girlfriend. Also it just reminds me of how you never buy or even offer to buy me anything…

Love me for me. I have my eccenticies and flaws and I fully expect you to accept them, if not find them adorable. I hate having anyone touch my feet, I make up words whenever I feel like it, I talk way too fast when I’m excited or nervous, I sing to myself and often don’t realize I’m doing it, and I don’t share red Starbursts. And I’m a God-fearing prude. If these trivial things are enough to send you on your merry way than it’s your loss.

Don’t put me down. It hurts. I’m sensitive & I don’t always catch your jokes. Plus after a while your repeated mean jokes just sound mean.

Either take all your pics of other girls off your phone or keep your phone away from me so I can’t see them. Same with your FB page. Seeing a half-naked Asian chick with huge boobs that you probably drool over is not fun. I’m not Asian, and will never have big boobs, so that is not a pic of me. Even if she’s animated, it hurts to see. You used to put cute pics of me everywhere. Even though you don’t anymore doesn’t mean I want to know what you’d rather be looking at. Because if that’s the case, and you feel I’m not enough, then we should break up.

So, there you have it, things that I wish my boyfriend knew. Thanks for reading!