White African-American?

On a friend’s Facebook page I stumbled upon an article about a man suing his former medical school because they suspended him due to his claim to being a White African-American.  The full article can be found HERE.  And here’s the comment I left after I read it:

Not fair to Mr. Serodio. He’s right, if that’s how he wishes to ID himself. I tell everyone I’m just American. Not African-American, I don’t feel any special ties to Africa that separate me from any other American aside from supporting humanitarian efforts there. This guy is actually from Africa so I think he has more right to call him African-American than I do. Plus how can he get kicked out based on his opinion? What happened to freedom of thought and speech? And they made it so he couldn’t transfer else where? I’m sick that they really ruined this guy over a comment that shouldn’t offend anyone. While I’m sure there are other students who may harbor true racism in their hearts are able to go about their lives. Praying he wins his case.

Yeah, that’s how I feel.  I don’t understand how anyone could be offended.  The guy is from Africa.  He knows more about Africa than I do.  He’s more African-American than I ever can be.  Why?  Because I live like an average American, its the country I know best and I’m familiar with its culture and customs.  I know little about African and what its like to be truly from there.  Plus I’ve never felt comfortable with the term African-American. And I feel like I’m Bullsh*tting whoever I’m saying it to.  Frankly.  I feel like I say it only because it’s expected and it puts others at ease once they have a label on me.  Well, I’m done with that once and for all.  I support Mr. Serodio.  I’m an American, nothing more or less.  If you want to talk ethnicity then that’s a different story, but then again that shouldn’t matter either unless we’re in a situation where it’s relevant and there’s few of those situations…

Sick of labels…

One thought on “White African-American?

  1. I agree fully with you. I don’t go around calling myself a German-American, because I’m not from Germany. I’m an American with a German background. I never really did understand the term African-American to define anyone colored. But this guy is an American from Africa. I’m sure he has citizenship from Mozambique as well as America, the fact that he’s white has nothing more to do with it than the genetics. Plus, have they never seen the number of white people of Dutch and British decent in South Africa?? In today’s world with the number of inter-racial relationships I am shocked this is even an issue.

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