Say it Ain’t Science!

This morning I woke up thinking about how I love the word “insolence” but I hate the Guerlain parfume of the same name.  Why? BECAUSE IT’S STUPID! No really it is…insolence is basically rudeness…why would I want to smell like rudeness!?! So anyway I started googling why Guerlain did this terrible thing to humanity, because maybe they had a legitimate reason, and I found out there’s a blog called Respectful Insolence (oxymoron if there ever was…) where this guy talks about actress Mayim Bialik who was Blossom and is now on the Big Bang Theory.  Bialik who holds a PhD in neuroscience has some…shall we say alternative…ways to living and raising her children.  All of which I don’t care about.  What I did care about was this term the writer of this blog kept using, “Woo” and how he referred to some of Bialik’s beliefs as woo, and also how he essentially called Bialik ignorant of areas of science outside neuroscience because she failed to realize there’s no controversy among scientists about the safety of vaccines…

“Oh really?” Said my brain…I’m pretty sure we read something about vaccines and about how pain is experienced in the brain, me, and a whole lotta other scientific stuff that we can write about and stick to this Insolent Scientist dude…

yeah uh…me and my brain have talks…this was actually our second discussion before 8 am.

You can read the original blog post of this dude here:

So I commented on the blog, and here’s what I said:

Ok, so I’m new to this term “woo” I studied Molecular Bio in college, but woo isn’t something I’m familiar with, the term that is, but I deducted what it refers to. Anyway, if it’s what I think it is I hate woo…

However, I also hate when people get smacked on. Now I don’t agree with Ms. Bialik’s style of child rearing, It’s scary, but I do think some comments and assumptions of the blog author’s were a bunch of smack.

First one:

“So, ladies, suffer! It’s “natural.” And, remember, just like The Secret, wishing makes it so! Or, if all else fails, use homeopathy. You’ll get the same results.”

I have to say it’s not a good thing that our western culture is more prescriptive than preventative. Pain is not always a bad thing or neccessarily suffering, and introducing foreign chemicals into your system should not be the first choice if pain is something that can be tolerated. I dunno I’m still young, and learning but I just try and limit what meds I put in my body, not woo, just realizing that my body is a complex biochemical machine and what ever substance I put in it interacts with the substances that are naturally there in ways I’m only beginning to understand. So if I was to give birth, ouch, I would opt for natural…UNLESS something serious is going on (and that’s where medicine should come in when there’s a problem, and pain is not a problem for everyone. I can handle pain), if not I don’t mind being in pain as long as that pain isn’t indicating something more serious than the fact my vagina is being ripped from the size of a dime hole to the size of watermelon one…like I said I can HANDLE pain. Some women can’t. So for them the pain is a problem and should be addressed however they want, it’s not woo, just preference.

Also her words “and the greatest power of all: the power of my mind to force out the notion that pain with purpose – labor — is something to fear.”

That’s totes (short for totally) NOT the secret, nor is it wishing the pain away. I mean come on…seriously!?! Have you NEVER psyched yourself out before embarking on something??? Oh yeah getting pumped before a big game if you’re an athlete, or calming yourself prior to a stage performance if you’re an actor, or listening to gangster rap before an olympic swim meet if you’re Michael Phelps…that’s sooo wishing the pain away. NOPE that’s getting ready to conqure whatever you’re up against. It hurts to swim fast, climb tall rocks, forget a line on stage, and to get tackled on the field, but if you fear those things you’re gonna be so scared you’re just gonna fumble and suck it up anyway cause your body’s all pumped with adrenaline and you’re all shaking and crap. DUH. Sorry if I’m not more eloquent for you, but getting your head in the game goes across all boards…even childbirth, it is not woo, it’s what people do. HECK, I’m only 21*  and I’m psyching myself out for that painful day I have kids now…why? Cause I know that’s how much its gonna suck, and it’s gonna suck more if my head’s not ready. Plus doctor’s don’t always give you pain meds even if you BEG for them during labor. Why? Epidurals numb the crap outta your lower body…then you can’t push, I was in the room with a friend when she got told that…real talk. She had to grin and bear it. In fact I might stab myself in a few minutes to build up a tolerance to pain and do it every so often to prepare for giving birth…kidding…sorta.

On to the next one…

“No, actually, there isn’t. At least, there isn’t a scientific controversy about vaccines. Unfortunately, even with her PhD in neuroscience, Mayim Bialik is apparently incapable of of figuring that out.”

Whoa…did I miss something. I am only a kid in college. But didn’t vaccines given to infants born during 1989-2001 have mercury in them? Isn’t mercury bad? If not, then why they take it out in ’01? And if it isn’t a controversy…shouldn’t it be? Oh yeah, and I’m not gonna lie, I was FREAKED out when I got my flu-shot this year when I had to consent to being given a vaccine that has contains mercury or traces of it. Honestly I don’t know why I got it, cause I was freaked…but my mom (And obviously we can’t listen to those…what was I thinking?) made me…’rents pay the bills.

WAIT, what about Helen Ratajczak’s article in the Journal of Immunotoxicology, “Theoretical aspects of autism: Causes–A review.” CBS news in May 2011 reported: “Ratajczak did what nobody else apparently has bothered to do: she reviewed the body of published science since autism was first described in 1943. Not just one theory suggested by research such as the role of MMR shots, or the mercury preservative thimerosal; but all of them.” (including the fact that vaccines contain human DNA)

So I guess that’s not science…that’s woo…and you’re right it’s not controversy if no one else bothers to look at anything as extensively as Ratajczak has; and everyone knows when you’re extensively researching something alone, you’re just a crazy person WOOing yourself in a mirror…see what I did there.

BUT wait…you have to read the whole CBS news article…omg…its like this Ratajczak is arguing with this guy from some college called the Universtiy of Pennslyvania, Dr. Strom who served with the Institute of Medicine. He like totally knew about the mercury in vaccines but like totes didn’t know about the human DNA that’s put in vaccines…so yeah like he tried to like dismiss Ms. Ratajczak’s work…but like then he was like “Oh…DNA…yeah I didn’t know about the DNA” Then when CBS news asked the CDC to comment on disproving the links between Autism and vaccines the CDC was all like “comprehensive review by CDC…would take quite a bit of time.” so I was like “ooooooh snap! Controversy!” But what’s drama to me is not drama to everyone else…I mean I got hyped up when NOVA called out the History Channel.

So that’s all that bothered me…otherwise…I don’t really care about this Neuroscientist actress or that the way she raises her kids is a bit odd…except that I’m totes jeals (totally jealous) that she’s on TV.

*btw I am 21 somewhere inside…my life…deep down…ok whatever I lie about my age always, next week I’ll be 13…then later 108 give a girl a break. Point is I look ageless so I can be however old I want!

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